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General Objectives

The main objective of the college is to train individuals who will contribute to health development of educator so as to minimize the lack of qualified personnel in health sector in the country.

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of Medco Bio Medical College

  • To enable a trainee to acquire a skill in area to do practical work assigned to him/her related to his/her qualification
  • To enable a trainee to create his/her own job and not only be a job seeker
  • To give opportunity to anyone who needs to learn any health service’s skills by preparing tailored courses according to a trainee interest and ability.
  • To equip the health trainees with pressmen or of knowledge of all classes of pharmaceutical, medical and medical supplies etc.
  • To develop a dynamic prototype model for future health educational system.
  • To assist in identifying and solving the major health service problems of the community
  • They have preliminary knowledge of all classes of pharmacy central, medical supplies and equipment.
  • To detect the deterioration of drugs by physical means and prepare, and submit reports on expired deteriorated band and controlled drugs to the head pharmacist or the college
  • To disseminate information on proper utilization of drugs, and solve the purest acute shortage of clinical nurse and junior pharmacy technician.
  • To produce lower and medium level pharmacist equipped with preliminary knowledge and skill necessary for handling, dispensing and distribution of rugs, keeping pertinent documents and records and submitting relevant and timely reports to the immediate supervisor.


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