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MEDCO BIO MEDICAL was originally established in 2001 as a research and consultancy organization to be engaged in the areas of health, medicine and generally in the scientific research and development field. Gradually, inline with the socio-economic developments taking place in Ethiopia, MEDCO diversified its business scope to include the establishment of a MEDCO BIO MEDICAL College and associated research works.

Medco Bio Medical College was first established as Medco Consultancy in 1995. It was founded by Dr. Mekonnen Hagos as a subsidiary of the Ethiopian Medical Plant Research

Company and in response to a clearly perceived needed for better information networks among Ethiopian health professionals, manufactures and service providers. Medco Consultancy have been given to develop and standardized drugs from medical plans to provide pharmaceutical and medical information to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies; to provide constancies in drug sequestration, drug management and HIV/AIDS; and to arrange courses, seminars and exhibitions. Medco has also expanded its programs and has started training junior clinical nurses and pharmacy technician at a certificate level.

In 2001 the college has begun its operations as a full- fledged health service institute by the name Medco Bio Medical College. It is the first private health series training college with has been set up to develop quality and practical education and training and other related health services relevant to the Ethiopian situation.


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